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Food Menu

Cold Starters

Montenegro platter: prosciutto, local cheese, tomatoes, olives
• Vegetarian platter: local cheese, relish (ajvar), nuts, olives
• Local prosciutto from Njeguši
• Local cheese from Njeguši
• Beef carpaccio
• Fish carpaccio


• Seasonal salad
• Grilled peppers in olive oil
• Traditional “shopska” salad
• Salad “di Cattaro” seasonal salad with shrimps and seashells
• Octopus salad

Main Course

• Octopus slow cooked with vegetables in special way "under sač" *
• Brodetto with pоlenta *
• Catch of the day cooked in white wine and olive oil with vegetables
• Traditional “Popara”, dalmatian slow cooked dish with fish and vegetables *
• Shells grilled or in Buzara sauce
• Veal medallions
• Pepper steak con funghi
• Rumpsteak in mustard sauce
• House steak with cheese and prosciutto

* Please note that these traditional dishes require longer preparation and cooking times, so please order them at least 3 hours in advance.



Wine List

White Wine

• Sauvignon, Plantaže, Montenegro (0,75l)
• Pošip, Korta Katarina, Croatia (0,75l)
• Malvazija Istarska, Trapan, Croatia (0,75l)
• Žilavka white wine, Vukoje, BiH (0,75l)
• Valerius, Imperator biodinamic wine, Serbia (0,75l)
• Gavi “White Label” La Scolca, Italy (0,75l)
• Bourgogne Chardonnay, Faiveley, France (0,75l)

Sparkling Wine

• Spumante Brut Rosé, La Farra, Italy (0,75l)
• Prosecco Brut, La Farra, Italy (0,75l)
• Val Sparkling Wine, Montenegro (0,75l)
• Srebrna Radgonska Penina, Slovenia (0,75l)
• Vukoje Grand Cuvee Brut, Vukoje, BiH (0,75l)


• Jobert Girardin Champagne Brut , France (0,75l)
• Imperial Brut, Moet & Chandon N.V., France (0,75l)
• Brut Rosé, Moet & Chandon N.V., France (0,75l)
• Dom Perignon Vintage, Moet & Chandon, France (0,75l)
• Krug Grande Cuvée, France (0,75l)

Red Wine

• Vranac Barrique, Plantaže, Montenegro (0,75l)
• Kratošija, Vinarija Vučinić Zenta, Montenegro (0,75l)
• Cabernet Sauvignon, Arhonto, Montenegro (0,75l)
• Dingač, Vinarija Dingač, Croatia (0,75l)
• Villa Antinori Rosso, Italy (0,75l)
• Chapelle de la Trinite, France (0,75l)

* Please note this is only a website selection



Cocktails List

House Cocktails

• Prohibition Iced Tea served in a teapot
• Boka Express frozen
• Venetian Sunrise
• Handsome captain
• Veneziano Spritz
• Palazzo Citrus Special

Classic Cocktails

• Long Island Iced Tea
• Strawberry, banana or lemon Daiquiry
• Margarita shaken or frozen
• Caipirinha
• Bloody Mary
• Cuba Libre
• Cosmopolitan


• Palazzo Ice Coffee
• Virgin Mary
• Disco Daiquiri frozen
• Virgin Ice Tea